The pseudoscience regarding weight loss myths and quick-fix diets knows no bounds, and can range from the ridiculous to the outright dangerous. The idea that it is somehow possible to simply poop out excess body fat is intriguing, but that's not the way your body works. If it did, no one would be overweight. Fat can sometimes be present in bowel movements, but this is dietary fat and may be caused by an inability to properly digest foods.

Learn how to paint abstracts using a reference photograph as a starting point and source of inspiration with this tutorial. Some people paint abstracts entirely from their imaginations but we find it essential to have something 'real' as the starting point. Something that gives you a direction to start working in, to kickstart the imagination. This photo is one from our collection of abstract painting ideas.

A longstanding and respected industry credential, PRC is a distinctive indicator of dedication to the research practice. The PRC mark highlights your awareness of the highest ethics and standards, a commitment to remaining abreast of new techniques and technologies, and is an objective measure of your knowledge and proficiency. Regardless of your age or career stage, PRC tells clients and peers alike that you are actively engaged in today's marketing research and analytics work and do so with integrity.

When you are writing a resume, there are a number of resume formats you can choose, including chronologicalfunctionaland targeted resumes. However, regardless of the format you select, there are certain guidelines that most resumes should follow. Here's information on what to include in your resume, as well as what shouldn't be listed on your resume.

Peter Drucker, a well-renowned management consultant, stated that "The true business of every company is to make and keep customers". Today, the concept of CRM has grown in a global scale. Over the years, the CRM model does not limit to just being about customer centric but also to use customer profitability as a catalyst in making decisions. Abstract CRM Customer Relationship Management as a strategy has increased popularity by connecting enterprises and customers closely through different mediums.